leon beer cyprus

Leon beer dates back to 1937, when Christodoulos Platanis founded the first brewery in Cyprus. It is the first beer that was brewed in Cyprus and for many years it was the only locally-produced beer.

In 1962 Mr Photos Photiades joined the company, which was renamed M. Chr. Platanis and Co Ltd, and stopped the production and trading of LEON Beer. In 1969 the company started brewing and trading CARLSBERG Beer. In 1985 the company was bought out by Mr Photos Photiades and changed its name to Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd. Forty years later, June 2003, the Photiades group relaunched the historic Leon Beer.

Leon beer is brewed in the premises of one of the most advanced breweries in the world today. It is based on the original LEON recipe that was first used in 1937 and it is characterised by a rich and strong taste and aroma.

LEON beer is an All Malt Beer and it complies with the German Reinheitsgebot Law, which dictates that only malt, hops and yeast are to be used to create an All Malt Beer.